Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Joseph Foley, Knightly News Staff

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place 5 years after Order 66, and Episode Revenge of the Sith. You play as (former) Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, traveling with his droid friend BD-1. Some prelude to the game, Order 66, also known as the Great Jedi Purge, as you could tell from its nickname most of the Jedi Masters, including their padwans were killed in this act of betrayal from the clones.  This order was the plan of Emperor Palpatine, known as Chancellor Palpatine at the time. Cal survived with the help of his Jedi Master Jaro Tapal.

The game starts off on Bracca, a scrapper planet where old ships from the age before the empire rises to power are scrapped for credits. We meet Cal Kestis, a hard working teenager, his friend Prauf who says that the foreman droid wants to see him. It says that it has an opportunity to earn extra credits. Cal and Prauf accept of course. This sets in action the event leading up to Cal’s changing point, but we’ll get to that later. You have to use Cal’s agility to maneuver across old ships and platforms. The foreman droid wanted Cal and Prauf to attach some links to a wing of an old ship, so that it could be scrapped, Cal and Prauf do this. Prauf finds a crashed Jedi Starfighter on the wing of the ship, and says that they could get a bunch of credits. Just then the wing gets cut off while they’re still on it but its fine links hold up. The cables attached to the links break and Cal and Prauf have to maneuver around the wing while sliding down it. Cal’s foot gets caught in some wires, but Prauf nearly slides off, he manages to grab a pipe but he soon slips and falls toward a sarlacc. Cal sees his and uses the force to save Prauf from his death, Prauf comforts Cal on their way back to where they live, Cal passes out while on the train and experiences a vision. Cal chases Prauf in this vision but nothing more significant comes out of this for Cal’s quest. Everyone on the train gets stopped by Imperials, then we get introduced to The Second Sister, and Ninth Sister, Imperial inquisitors that are meant to hunt down the final Jedi. They know that somebody used the force on Bracca, who we know is Cal. Prauf gives a speech then after it the Second Sister kills him causing Cal to reveal that he is the Jedi, by striking at the Second Sister with his lightsaber. The Ninth Sister throws Cal off of a cliff, but a freight train catches him. This leads into the first combat sequence with the lightsaber combat being phenomenal, but this combat system is very similar to a game known as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The way the combat system works is that if you time your block properly you can stagger an enemy and then go in for the final blow against them, tougher enemies will require more strategy against them though. This sequence ends with you fighting the Ninth Sister, but ultimately losing because you know she is way better than you at lightsaber duels. You then meet the crew of The Mantis Greez Dritus, and Cere Junda, a woman that we later find out previously used the force but cut herself off of it.

That concludes the story section of the review I suggest that you play the game yourself and experience the atmosphere the game has, and the story. Anyways onto the actual review. The game at its core is a game for Star Wars fan and you will highly enjoy it if you are a Star Wars fan from the subtle references to other franchises to re-occurring characters. The game even has Darth Vader in it! They do hint to him being in the game but it isn’t explicitly stated in the game itself. The game’s style is very recognizable as Star Wars with some planets being glum and droopy, while others look really vivid and pop with color. For example, the first planet that you can explore, Bogano is ripe with landscape that is vivid and lush with plant life and other forms of life. While another planet, Dathomir is very dull and sullen when it comes to plant life. The lightsaber combat is very much like a game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the combat system requires you to time you block to parry attacks and create an opening to attack your enemies and defeat them. Bosses in this game are where it gets hard, the boss fights require precision blocks, fast attacks, and survival skills, like knowing when to withdraw from battle and let BD-1 give you a stim. There is also a very in depth lightsaber   customization system allowing you to choose the emitter, the color of it, the material it’s made of, and so on. Overall the game is highly enjoyable, having lush landscapes to discover and explore, a rich story to play, and tons of content after you beat the story. I personally would play this game over many other game like it, it’s very accessible to newcomers of the genera and forgiving. This game is a solid 9/10. It was very buggy at first and needed fixing and it has been fixed and is very playable in its current state.