Math Field Day

James Shelton, Mason Ratke, and Caden Michaels, Knightly News Staff

Math Field Day

The Math Field Day was held on 1/9/2020 at Potomac State College. The type of math they had to do was a written test, mental math estimation, mental math exact, and estimation activities.

Congratulations To Our Math Field Day County Winners!

5th Grade

1st Place: Alex (James) Bowser

2nd Place: Bailey Ferguson

6th Grade

2nd Place: Brennen Townshend

2nd Alternate: Isaac Robinson

7th Grade

1st Place: Dean Shupe

2nd Place: Quinn Mandell

3rd Place: Grace Reckley

1st Alternate: Brandon Hoppert

8th Grade

1st Place: Micah Thomson

2nd Place: Aydyn Weaver

3rd Place: Caleb Kerns

1st Alternate: Ashlyn Crowe