Should we have water bottles in school?

Icesis Spriggs, Raelynn Dentinger, and Leah Shaffer, Staff

Several Frankfort Middle school students were interviewed and asked if water bottles should be allowed in school. We interviewed sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

One student, Clara Nash, said yes because she gets thirsty during the day and having a water bottle in class would be better instead of missing class to go to the water fountain.
Emby Knotts said yes because most of her teachers say no, because students should be focusing on their work.
We also spoke to one teacher, Mr. Snoberger, and he said, no to water bottles, because they could cause issues in class and spill water everywhere.
Kaylynn Merritt, Acie Lantz, and Lily Mantheiy said yes, because they feel water fountains do not taste very good. Allison Bolt and Addi Talbott responded in favor, stating, with some hyperbole, that kids “die of thirst,” in class.