5th Grade Holiday Concert

FMS Staff, FMS Staff

On December 3, the 5th grade performed their winter musical, “Narbert the Narwhal’s North Pole Neighbors.”

The musical starred John Smith as Narbert and Brylee Shipway as Sun Dog.  A number of additional students performed as well singing, dancing, playing instruments and acting as various characters.

Songs performed included:  “Gee It’s Good to See You,” “North Pole is Cool,” Bicker, Bicker,” “The Missing Lynx,” “We can Be Better,” and “Party at the North Pole.”  Soloists on “We can Be Better” were Dayhana Imes, Karina Metz, Emma Hughes, Leah Cave, and Gracelynn Crowe.

Mrs. Johnson would like to thank the 5th graders for all their hard work.  She also appreciates the efforts of the 5th grade teachers and other staff members who helped or accommodated the schedule changes.