FMS Celebrates October STEM Style

Alexander Brant, Advisor

Last week, students and teachers at Frankfort Middle School celebrated October through a series of STEM related activities.

A variety of activities were completed by students in the Mathematics Department. The fifth grade weighed pumpkins, converted ounces to pounds, and put the pumpkins in order from least to greatest/greatest to least based on their weight in decimal form.  They also figured the differences in weight from before and after carving. Sixth grade students estimated the weight and number of seeds in each pumpkin, then used the classroom data to calculate the range, mean, median, and mode. The seventh graders measured the height, weight, diameter and circumference of the pumpkins then created a ratio table including the number of ridges and seeds, diameter, circumference, height, and weight. Students then used the ratios to discover any relationships between these attributes. Eighth graders -measured the circumference, diameter, and radius then used these measurements to calculate the volume and surface area of the pumpkin. Once these activities were completed, students carved the pumpkins in groups.

The FMS English classes also completed a variety of writing assignments related to pumpkin carving. The fifth and sixth grade students all composed instructional essays covering the necessary steps of pumpkin carving, while the seventh and eighth grade classes completed informative essays examining the history of pumpkin carving.

Additionally, according to Ms. Angela Shanholtz, the science classes participated in a STEM activity using candy pumpkin catapults. Ms. Pam Horevay also reports that her students will be conducting an experiment in which they will try to explode pumpkins by wrapping them in rubber bands. Horevay also noted that they will use the remnants of the pumpkins to make pumpkin pie.