Time to Be Tested: Tricks and Tips to Make the Most of the GSA

Memphis B, Reporter

Test taking time is upon us and here are some tips you can use. It’s always important to do your best because it affects your classes next year.


  • The night before get plenty of sleep.
  • Study properly night before.
  • Listen closely to any rules.
  • When finished reread all of your answers through.
  • Take as long as you need.
  • Relax during test don’t be nervous.
  • Use mints to help you concentrate.



5th Grade Testing Schedule:
-5th grade ELA May 14, 2019

-5th grade Math May 15, 2019

-5th grade reading May 16, 2019

-5th 8th grade Science May 17, 2019

-5th grade GSA make up May 20, 2019


6th-8th Grade Testing Schedule:

6-8th grade ELA May 21, 2019

6-8th grade Math May 22, 2019

6-8th grade Reading May 23, 2019

GSA Make up testing May 24, 2019