Mineral County Art Show Wows Crowd

Addi D, Reporter

A brief interview with Mr. Andy Johnson before the Art Show. More to come after the show!

  • What schools are involved?
    • Every school in Mineral County.
  • Where is it at?
    • Keyser High School
  • When is it?
    • Monday, May 13th and Tuesday, May 14th at 5:30 โ€“ 8:00
  • How many people are in it?
    • There are about 280 kids
  • What type of projects in it?
    • Ceramics, Sculptures, Paintings, Collages, and Mixed art
  • What are some memorable pieces to check out?
    • Everything is going to be memorable.
  • Was it difficult to choose the pieces?
    • Yes, it was very hard to choose.
  • How much work goes into setting up the show?
    • Many hours go into setting up the fair.
  • Is there anything else we need to know?
    • I am very proud of everyone!