The 6th Grade Camp Experience


Icesis S, Reporter

Frankfort Middle attended 6th grade camp on April 8th and left camp on April 12th. My experience for camp was pretty fun. We did a lot of activities and classes each day. Monday through Wednesday we had two classes, and they were one hour each. On Thursday, we had four classes, and they were one hour each. The kinds of classes we have are God’s Eyes, Soil Erosion, Owl Pellets, World Water Ways, Team Building, Nature Trail, Insect Study, Fossils, and more.

The activities we did at 6th grade camp were that some people came in from the zoo and showed us some animals. Then fireman came to camp and showed us what kinds of trainings they do, showed us their trucks, and also showed us what they do if someone gets hurt. The boy scouts came and showed us what kind of foods they cook for when they are camping.

For the last three days at camp from Wednesday on were really fun. We did square dancing. On Thursday we had our classes, then we had field day. Field day is just a boys VS girls sports event. After field day, we went to a dance in the dining hall which was a lot of fun. Overall, 6th grade camp was really fun. I think the 5th graders will really enjoy camp.