Minecraft Builders Honor West Virginia

Raley N and Raelynn D

Ms. Malone’s gifted students entered the West Virginia History Minecraft Design & Build Contest, and two of the teams ended up winning at states. The two teams were Taylor Mandell, Quinn Mandell, and Kendall Kelly who recreated George Washington’s Fort in Fort Ashby, WV which received second place. The other team was Garrett Ferguson, Keegan Bennett, and Hunter Shreve who recreated Bridge Day at New River Gorge Bridge and won first place.

The students were required to pick an important West Virginia part of history and recreate it on Minecraft. They worked on these amazing projects for about a month. All that I can say now is that they all were amazingly done, and many were breath taking. Congratulations to all of the teams, and a special congratulations to Taylor Mandell,       Quinn Mandell, Kendall Kelly, Garrett Ferguson, Keegan Bennett, and Hunter Shreve.