Accelerated Reader Reward: Snow Tubing


Jacque B and Hayden N

Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program to help encourage students to read more and advance their reading skills. Students choose a book to read and take a test on the book they read. They must take the test at school as no testing is available outside of the school network. The school-wide goal requires all students to have a minimum of twelve points per nine weeks. However, individual teachers may require more for their own classrooms.

Fifty-nine Frankfort Middle School students were able to go snow tubing to celebrate their achievements in the Accelerated Reader program. Students who earned a set amount of points were eligible to participate in the reward. Fifth and sixth grade students needed to earn 40 points in a semester, while seventh and eighth grade students needed to earn 50 points in a semester to qualify for the trip. The sixth grade class had the most students qualify to go snow tubing out of the whole school. Nineteen sixth graders qualified! Angel Ridgel has earned the highest amount of points in the entire school and had earned 1037.3 points as of January 2, 2019.


The second  AR Reward is scheduled for May 24, 2019. Students will be taking a trip to DelGrosso Amusement Park in Tipton, PA. Fifth and sixth grade students will need to earn 90 points, while seventh and eighth grade students will need 100 points to be eligible for this reward. Book it to the library now and start reading!