Teachers vs 8th Grade


Icesis S and Raley

Every year at FMS the teachers and 8th grade students have a volleyball tournament. They split the 8th grade up into equal teams, and they go against each other. The top three teams are considered the “all stars” of the 8th grade teams. The best out of the three teams plays against the teachers, this year the best team was called Penn State. This year was the very 1st time an 8th grade team won against the teachers. However, the final two points of the game stemmed from a very questionable call which caused a lot of confusion for the students and the teachers. After the teachers played against all other student teams, they had a grudge match against the Penn State team and won.

After the best team goes against the teachers, the other two teams go against each other, and the team who won out of the two teams also plays against the teachers. Some of the teachers who played were Ms. Malone, Mrs. Knotts, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Sno, Mrs. Beaman, Mrs. Johnson 6th grade, both Mr. Johnsons, Mr. Shupe, Mr. Rice guidance, Mr. Orndorf, and Miss. Carter. At the end of the tournament the teachers played a game of volleyball against the A volleyball team for fun.

In all, the volleyball game was another great and entertaining event at FMS.