The Wheelhouse Got Us Started


Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

MSno, Adviser

This season we would like to extend our appreciation to the Wheelhouse Academy for sponsoring our newspaper and getting our program off the ground. The Wheelhouse Academy is a baseball/softball facility equipped with a mix of indoor tunnels, pitching lanes, top rate gear/equipment, as well as outstanding instructors. Their goal is to help athletes study and train to become better players.  Located in Fort Ashby, WV, the facility has the following weekly hours:

Mon-Fri:   3pm – 9pm

Saturday:  9am – 5pm

Sunday:    Noon – 5pm

& By Appointment

In January, our Knightly New crew will be traveling to the facility and exploring everything the Wheelhouse Academy has to offer. Thank you again for your support! We’re excited to see you in January.