New Band Director, Bowers, Joins Frankfort Middle

Addi D and Icesis S

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Mr. Bowers likes working at FMS because he likes teaching band, and the students are more focused than students he’s taught in the past. He enjoys being a band teacher, and he was in the FHS band years ago. Although he teaches all the instruments, he doesn’t have a favorite instrument, because it takes the whole band class to make a great sound. He does favor brass instruments because before he started teaching, he played the euphonium. The Junior Band, Advanced Band, and Jazz Band are working on holiday music, while Teal Steel is also working on their tunes.  Mr. Bowers is just getting used to working with Teal Steel. The bands and both music teachers are looking forward to the school concert. Preparing for concerts can be stressful because anything could happen, but they are looking forward to their performance.